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An Amazing Easy Turkish Food in Germany

In this video we are going to see about an amazing Turkish easy food in Germany, the dish name is called Doner.

An Evening Walk Alongside Of Enz River Pforzheim, Germany

Location: Enz River, Pforzheim, Germany

Pforzemer Mess 10 Days Colorful Event in Germany

Pforzemer Mess is a 10 days event in Pforzheim, Germany. It is an amazing event where people from different cities will gather together in Pforzheim.

How to Earn From Bottles in Germany

In this Video, we will talk about how we can earn from emppty bottles in Germany. You can easily give all of your bottles in any nearby Supermarkets. The system...

Overview of a Beautiful Village in Germany

Some villages are way too beautiful in Germany. I live in a place called Birkenfeld, which is in the state Baden Wuttemberg. This place is near to the Black Forest,...

How to Add Subtitle in YouTube Video

In this Video, we will see how we can easily add subtitles to our YouTube videos.