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Who is Dr. K Shivan, Rocket Man of India?

Who is Dr. K Shivan, Rocket Man of India?
  1. His full name is Kalidasavadivoo Shivan. Born on Apr 14, 1957 in Kanyakumari district.

  2. He studied in Tamil medium school. His father was a hardworking farmer. Shivan use to help his father in agriculture right from his childhood and during his college days too.

  3. Eventhough he got a merit seat for Engineering his family was not able to afford the minimal amount for his college. Hence, he joined BSc Maths in a college near to his home. Also if he joins nearby college he could help his father in the fields which will save a labor wage.

  4. After he completed his Bsc degree with excellent merit, his father seeing his keen interest in education he decided to sell their agricultural land so that he could join Engineering.

  5. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1980 in “Aeronautical Engineering”. He aspired to obtain a job after his bachelors but since he didn’t get a job, he joined Master’s degree in “Aerospace Engineering” from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1982 and started working in ISRO.

  6. Slippers were luxury for Shivan. He didn’t have pants or slippers to wear till he completed his Bachelors engineering.

  7. He earned a Doctoral degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT, Bombay in 2006.

  8. He started his career in Design, Development and Integration of Launch vehicles for ISRO.

  9. He is also known as “Rocket Man” of India due to his significant contribution in development of Cryogenic engines for India’s space programme.

  10. The rocket scientist has received many awards:

    a) Shri Hari Om Ashram Prerit Dr. Vikram Sarabahai Research awards in 1999. b) ISRO merit award- 2007 c) Dr. Biren Roy space Science award- 2011

  11. He also published a book entitled “Integrated Design for space Transportation system”- 2015.

  12. On June 1, 2015 he became Director of ‘Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre’

  13. On February 2017, India set a world record by launching 104 satellites with a single flight for PSLV. Shivan played a key role in it.

  14. On 15 th January 2018, he became Chairman of ISRO.

  15. Under his Chairmanship our prestigious Chandrayaan 2 was launched.

  16. As of now in Chandrayaan 2, the orbiter is successfully circling the moon. Even though we lost the signal of Lander in final two Kms before it reached Moon. Now we have successfully spotted the Lander on Moon’s surface from the pictures taken by orbiter. Still we are trying to establish the signal from lander.

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